World Day of Social Justice

World Day of Social Justice

On February 20th last week, the world celebrated World Day of Social Justice. The Kalsom Movement believes that justice needs to be served to everyone equally. With the theme of ‘A Call for Social Justice in The Digital Economy’ this year, we believe that it is closely related to us and everyone else in the world as we are now facing limitations in our work aspect – because of the pandemic. Also, it results in online learning for the students nowadays. Hence, it is essential to tighten the gap on digital divide between rural and urban areas.

The digital economy is transforming the world of work. Over the past decade, expansion in broadband connectivity, cloud computing, and data have led to the proliferation of digital platforms, which have penetrated several sectors of the economy and societies. Since early 2020, the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic have led to remote working arrangements and allowed for the continuation of many business activities, further reinforcing the growth and impact of the digital economy. The crisis has also laid bare and exacerbated the growing digital divide within, between and across developed and developing countries, particularly in terms of the availability, affordability and use of information ICTs and access to the internet, deepening existing inequalities.

United Nations (2021)

The team from The Kalsom Movement came up with a simple infographic based on what is written on the United Nations website.

World Day of Social Justice infographic

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