As a global student-led movement, The Kalsom Movement relies heavily on the students’ avid passion for volunteerism to conduct its range of activities.

Application to volunteer as a committee member usually opens mid September until the end of September. Facilitators will sign up to be volunteers for programmes held during the UK summer break, typically between July-August, which are:

  • Projek Kalsom Motivational Camp
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Camp
  • Commonwealth Cultural Programme

We also recruit volunteers to help us run and be a part of our events and initiatives such as fundraising or social events. 

Do keep an eye for volunteering opportunities via our social media!

Calling all passionate individuals!

The time has come for the moment you’ve all been waiting for!


We are looking for YOU, enthusiastic and passionate individuals to play a part in changing the lives of underprivileged students.

You may opt to volunteer for the following camps:

Projek Kalsom 26 Motivational Camp

Our annual flagship event organised through a 5-day camp aimed to help students from less-fortunate backgrounds, while at the same time prserving the comprehensive quality of the Kalsom experience.

Date: 1 August – 8 August 2020
Venue: Pahang

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Camp

A 5-day camp carried out for secondary school students who are members of Business Clubs with modules aimed to instill the 4 pillars of The Kalsom Movement while equipping the students with basic skills and informations for a career in Entrepreneurship.

Date: 9 August – 14 August 2020
Venue: Negeri Sembilan

Kalsom Harapan 2019 Recruitment

Yes, you read that right! We are looking for YOU, enthusiastic and spirited individuals to volunteer as facilitators for The Kalsom Harapan Programme!

For this programme, we seek to revisit our previous beneficiaries from the 24th Projek Kalsom Motivational Camp, held during the summer of 2018. Through a three day two night camp in Perak, ‘Invigorate’ aims to continue empowering them with the skill-set and motivation to clench opportunities past completing secondary education.

Applications are now open until 28th February, so apply NOW. Don’t forget to turn on alerts on our social media for more details on what the programme entails 🔔

We are more than excited to see you be part of the movement!


The Kalsom Movement 2019/20 Committee Recruitment

The Kalsom Movement is now recruiting new committee members for 2019/2020! This upcoming year we need your help to make our 26th year as a movement a great one. Applications are open until 27th September 2019 (11.59 p.m. MY). CLICK HERE TO APPLY NOW!

The requirements for applicants are:

  1. Malaysian student studying at any level of tertiary education in Malaysia and around the world
  2. Able to commit throughout the year (October 2019-20) including during summer programmes, typically scheduled in July and August. ( commitment with other NGOs or internships should be disclosed )
  3. Able to respect and uphold the values and spirit of the movement.
  4. Have a passion for volunteering (Prior Kalsom experience is not necessary)

If you are interested, please fill up the form which includes the following contents :

  1. The position you would like to apply for and a brief reason to support your interest
  2. Other co-curricular commitments you have signed up for the upcoming year (if any)
  3. Your curriculum vitae 
  4. If you are applying for the creative designer position, please submit a portfolio of a few of your original designs

Let's grow together as we strive to address education inequality

Here in The Kalsom Movement, we aim to create an environment of ongoing learning and  help individuals discover their potentials. This could be your chance to start a new chapter to your Kalsom Story. Apply now!

The list of positions available are listed below:

  • Secretary
  • Deputy Secretary
  • Fundraising Officer
  • Sponsorship Officer
  • Strategic Officer
  • Head of Impact & Research Department
  • Impact Measurement Officer
  • Research Officer
  • Head of Creative & Communications Department
  • Creative Designer
  • Publicity Officer
  • Head of Programme & Modules Department
  • Camp Director
  • Deputy Camp Director
  • Commonwealth Cultural Programme Director
  • Kalsom Harapan Director
  • Kalsom Academy Director
  • Head of Logistics Department
  • Logistics Officer

Job Scope

1. Obtain approval letter from Ministry of Education and PPD
2. In charge of the communication between the movement and outside parties including the schools involved
3. Lead the making of annual proposal and report
4. Responsible for protocol and VIPs
5. Record and publish meeting minutes

1. Manage the movement’s account
2. Seek sponsorship and apply for grants
3. Organize fundraising events and initiatives
4. Obtain the movement’s tax-exemption status

1.Establish a strategic development plan to add values or endorsements to our programmes
2. Monitor all Kalsom Global Chapters and Kalsom Ambassador (publicity platform)
3. Apply for relevant awards
4. Measure and manage committee and facilitators’ talent development
5. Strike partnerships with organisations and companies


1. Design measurement method for impact produced by our programmes based on the framework
2. Collect qualitative and quantitative data on beneficiaries improvements post-Kalsom as well as success stories
3. Analyse collected data and produce a complete impact report. 
4. Conduct research on the status quo, sustainability and measures to create awareness.

1. Strategise the movement’s publicity handling
2. Handle all social media platforms and official website
3. Design publicity materials (posters, videos and banners)
4. Official photographer for our programmes

1. Lead facilitators recruitment drives
2. Review all module’s objectives and aid in the design of modules for the camps
3. Ensure quality, effectiveness and protection of modules
4. Lead the planning and execution of each programme (specific to position)
5. In charge of Kalsom Harapan and Kalsom Academy, our monitoring plan (specific to position)

1. Handle selection, scouting and booking of the food and accomodation for our programmes
2. Arrange committee, facilitators and students’ transportation for our programmes
3. In charge of housekeeping matters and safety measurements of all events