To whom much is given, much is expected.

To whom much is given, much is expected.

To whom much is given, much is expected.

By Othman Affan Zuhir

First of all, congratulations to all the 2015 SPM candidates for the results that were just announced. Regardless of what the outcomes are, what matters the most is that you know that you have done your best in the examination. Credit must also go to the teachers and parents who work hard for these students. The much attention given to this results announcement every year is enough indicator to show how important education is placed in the society.
I share the same view about education.

Being sponsored to study an undergraduate degree in a university is something I am really grateful of. Most of us are ought to feel the same way. Why? Because not everyone is blessed with such privilege. Some had to forgo their education due to poverty while others do not have the chance to get basic education due to geographical barrier. I have seen those who are not even aware of their bright futures despite having blossoming potentials due to lack of exposure and circumstances.

Education inequality happens everywhere. This is obvious especially in the rural areas. It is pity that these situations happen in our community because any type of education is essential in improving one’s quality of life. Without it, one may unconsciously be trapped in the vicious cycle of poverty.

Can we do anything about it? As youths with better access to education and opportunities, we definitely have the upper hand to make big differences in the community even with the smallest of changes.

One way is to volunteer.

Nowadays, the opportunities to volunteer and do good deeds sprouted like never before. From where I am coming from, volunteering has been such a trendy pastime during the summer break. I must say it is a good development among Malaysian youths. The more altruistic and less individualistic we become, the better our community. When I first had the taste of volunteering for a community service, I was just as clueless and anxious as with many other first-times. Yet the feelings turned to excitement the moment I met like-minded people who share the same enthusiasm as I was.

Throughout the years of volunteering, I have learnt that it does not matter how small our contributions may be as we never know how it may impact the lives of others. Simply by smiling or listening to other people’s woes would make their days. This idea of lending psychological support is encompassed in one of the modules conducted during Projek Kalsom Motivational Camp, called Joe-heart-ry Window which encourages students to open up regarding their predicaments at school or even at home. For these unfortunate students participating in the camp, knowing that there is someone out there to support and care for them definitely breeds confidence and motivation to do better in life.

You see, there’s always something we can offer to our community. Looking at the life of abundance we are showered with, it has become not only an encouraged act, but also a responsibility to be giving back to parts of the community who do not enjoy the same luxury. As rightly pointed out by a dear friend who led me into this volunteering movement, Azri Malek, “to whom much is given, much is expected.”


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