“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.”

Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken (1916)

I think most of us are familiar Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken. For me, I would say that this poem has made a significant impact in my life, particularly the excerpt above. Although different people have different interpretation, this poem has taught me that it is perfectly fine to be different from others. It is fine if you decide not to follow the crowd (in a good way, I mean). As long as you believe in your dreams, there must be ways to achieve them no matter how ambitious or unique they are from others’. Dare to be different. Building on that spirit, here are some of the values I have learned from this brilliant poem.

  1. Be bold

YOU might encounter a situation that puts you in disadvantaged positions. While everyone around you opts to follow the mainstream option, you find yourself doubting the choice that you’ve made since you are not sure of what is ahead of you. You keep on thinking whether you have made the wrong choice and whether you should give up your decision and follow others. Deep down inside, you want to be different from others because somehow you believe that the less popular option, the one which not many people dare to take, will lead you to an unexpected and adventurous journey. After all, that’s what life is all about. Life is an exploration. Along the journey to reach your destination, you will encounter many challenges that will shape you into a better individual.

Don’t be afraid to take risks. Risks are everywhere. It does not mean that if you follow the majority, there would not be any risks at all. What matters the most is how you manage the risks and prevent them from becoming a crisis. Have a solid faith in what you think is the best for you. Be courageous and embrace each challenge and situation as part of your self-development process.

  1. Confidence

BE confident with the choice you’ve made. Always believe in yourself that no matter what happens after this, all of the things that you experience come as a lesson for you to be better, and you can share your experience with others. Although it’s not always a bed of roses during the journey, to the extent that you feel like giving up because the desired result is not within sight, keep on moving no matter how fast or slow your progress may be. Ignore things that can demotivate you or hold you back from pursuing your dreams. Never underestimate yourself because you can achieve more than what you think you can do. If you don’t have faith in yourself, who else does, right?

In Projek Kalsom, this is what we’re trying to do. We strive to inspire our beneficiaries to always believe in themselves – to believe that they are full of potential and they can go far. We aid them in discovering  their hidden gems and bring them to the forefront so that they can shine in their own unique ways.



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