The Quest for Education by Elaine Looi

The Quest for Education by Elaine Looi

When I was young, Mother once told me that I am lucky because I got a chance which my other siblings didn’t. Upon hearing that question, I proceeded to ask her why as I felt that we were all treated the same. She replied by saying I had the most attention compared to the others as I was the youngest in the family. Even so, I continued bombarding her with more questions, still not getting her point in this conversation. Mother quickly then explained to me that she has given her all in making sure that I get the best in education. All the time she spent forcing me to do my homework, the time my dad sacrificed to send me to tuition and all the money my parents used for my education, I will never be able to repay them.

Still then, Mother’s constant reminder is the best gift both my parents could give, along with my education. From then on, I understood what it meant by me being lucky. Education is simply not a privilege everyone was born with. Unfortunately. Then again, why should it be this way?

Why should education be limited and not something that is accessible to all? If education is the key to realising all of our dreams and ambitions, why can’t it be for all? I often find myself questioning this. Yet I know it is the bitter truth of how the world works in an imperfect system.

But from the time I knew of The Kalsom Movement, I realised that I am no longer alone in wanting to change this reality. It is relieving to know that there are a group of Malaysians, amongst many, whom are more than willing to spend their time and energy to help in changing the education inequality in our country. Suddenly, there is no need anymore for me to complain about the imperfections in the system when an organisation like The Kalsom Movement is here. This is exactly where I can directly make contributions and be a part of the big change. Hence, I did not at all hesitate to join it immediately then. I am so blown away by the effect a bunch of university students like me could have on a cause like this.

The world is full of imperfections. If we can, we wish we could change everything that is bad about it. Poverty, cancer and slavery are just the beginning of the list that could go on and on forever. However, I believe that with great passion for change and the upmost sincerity, success will be ours no matter how difficult the obstacles may be. Hopefully one day, education inequality will be no more but a story to be told in our history books for the generations to come.

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