The Power of NOW

The Power of Now

You saw the openings to apply for the position as facilitators for Kalsom. You love what they are trying to achieve. You have heard many good things about Kalsom. You have visited their Facebook page (and hopefully clicked the like button), their blogs, received their pamphlet and are very interested to be part of it. You think it will be a good activity this summer and you could really make a change in somebody life, and you all pumped up and spirited, clicked the ‘New Member Recruitment Form’ (It’s on the top right corner btw) and you saw so many empty boxes and you’re like “Eh, banyaknya nak kena isi”. And you resume to your YouTube videos of pandas sneezing or cats playing piano.


It’s so frustrating because you want to do it, but you delay the first – and arguably the most important- step towards making that change. You know it’s not that hard but you kept delaying it and eventually it seems like an impossible task to do and poof the deadline passed and you’re like, ”oh well, maybe next year”.

But this situation seems way too familiar and I am sure all of us at some point of our lives have promised ourselves to do something new; we are going to start eating more healthily from Sunday, be more active for the next group discussion, and lose some weight for the summer body. All too often, however, the promised day comes by and we haven’t done anything to achieve that goal.

But it is possible to start those change today. Right here, right now. 

Why do we always delay the first step? The thoughts of change had occurred to us and more often than not, we know we will be a much better person by the end of the process. Personal growth can be tough, boring even and
sometimes scary. We are faced with this new unfamiliar territory which is sometimes perceived as a threat to our previously tried-and-tested ways of behaving. And similar to the ‘Fight or Flight’ response, our amygdala (the brain region which is associated with fear, emotion, decision making and memory) try to protect ourselves from the negative emotions; fear of failure, panic, self -doubt and we resort to short gratification activity e.g. YouTube videos to induce dopamine and calm ourselves.


The amygdala brain region (highlighted in red)

So by postponing the first step or day of change, we seek to shield ourselves from that critical moment
when we have to finally confront any discomfort. We have probably used excuses like:

  •  I am not ready
  • The timings are all wrongs
  •  It’s too much hard work
  • I’m too busy

All of the above reasons we use to justify not starting today. On the surface, they may appear to be valid excuses but deep down, only you know yourself better than anyone else. Be honest with yourself – if you are not ready now, then when will you be.


This time is as good as any to start (Yes, you can still fill that form now. Here’s the link).
As you come to the end of this ride with me, ask yourself. What’s actually stopping you from taking
that first step of change?
Exactly. Nothing.


If not us, who? If not now, when?

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