Purpose of Education

Purpose of Education

Purpose of Education

The aspirations of learning were to link civilisations, people and cultures as did Baitul Hikmah (House of Wisdom) of 10th century Baghdad when it vitally connected the lost world of knowledge of the Greco-Romans to that of the Latin West. While adding its own body of knowledge, it also inherited much from the ancient cultures of Persia, China and India. The world of knowledge thus has always been unified coming from diverse sources and interpretations because the ultimate purpose is to be in harmony with the world around it in the most sustainable and balanced way possible. It may not be perfect but it is not out of control either as it is today. This is how “education” was perceived and institutions of learning were organised to ease this understanding in experiential ways as part of living. Learning and living are never separated but mutually reinforcing where knowledge and practice go hand in hand. The microcosm and macrocosm are “one”.


Education is always for sustainable development of people vis-a-vis its surrounding as the larger part of a shared global community. Unfortunately, this is now lost, and the school itself is becoming unsustainable let alone its complex relationship with the surrounding and humanity. Over the last decade, education for sustainable development had to be reintroduced as “schools” and “knowledge” were retooled for wealth creation feeding the frenzy of human greed leading to crises. Based on United Nation Human Development Report 2011, statistics proved that income correlates with literacy rates.


Source: UN Human Development Report 2011

To reverse this trend, we must embrace the very purpose of education and its ethos with the world-view to sustain the close relationship between humanity and nature by advocating right values practised in the right way. In this extent, The Kalsom Movement has always strived to uphold equal rights of an individual to have education regardless of background. We strongly believe in the power of inspiration, join us now on our fight against education inequality. Together, we can make a difference.


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