This is one of our latest initiatives, this programme is introduced to improve computer literacy among youth. Beneficiaries will be exposed to programming language, software and hardware, with practical hands-on activities. We believe computer literacy and programming skills are gaining a reputation as one of the sought after skills thus we feel it is time to incorporate technology and innovation as one of our focus areas. After the beneficiaries ‘graduate’ from this programme, they will be monitored through Kalsom One Year Harapan Plan. A Facebook group will be created to upload more exercises throughout the year, and the beneficiaries will be monitored throughout the year. Facebook group is meant for them to ask questions and allow them to further enhance their programming skill.


This programme will be conducted specifically for secondary school students, with the aim of encouraging the usage of the English language from an early age. A follow-up to this programme will be included in the Kalsom One Year Plan. The module is tailored according to the level proficiency of the students. There are three levels of proficiency which are beginner, intermediate and advanced. Each level is divided into two parts which are lower and upper. Our group focus comes from students of various background. Hence, a few modules suitable for different levels of proficiency are designed to accommodate the difference in mastery level of the students.


Kalsom Scholarship Workshop is a one-day programme which aims to provide guidance and exposure to students on afterschool undertakings. This includes the insights on available scholarships for SPM leavers and interview techniques. This programme will be conducted for form 4 students from High Performing Schools (Sekolah Berprestasi Tinggi, SBT) in Negeri Sembilan state. The paths after SPM might be confusing, and the competitions in getting scholarships have increased over time. Thus, the primary objective of this programme is to provide the students with an early exposure on tertiary education, besides to boost up the chances of these highly potential students in receiving scholarships. During the workshop, the students will be given the opportunity to unleash their hidden potential and increase their confidence level by experiencing mock interview to ace real scholarship interviews in the future. The students will also be provided with information about different courses – available scholarships, local and overseas universities, and career opportunities – to help them to choose the best pathway after SPM.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Workshop

The Kalsom Entrepreneurship and Innovation Workshop has been newly introduced last year and has been receiving good responses. Hence, this programme will be continued this year as part of the Kalsom Movement. It primarily aims to serve as a business and finance workshop for Form 4 students and to provide alternative choices for “street smart” students. The main focus of this programme is to inspire the students to be involved in entrepreneurship and innovation, apart from giving them exposure on available opportunities which they might be unaware of. It is proposed to be a one-day programme, which will last for 7 hours excluding lunch break. One third of the time will be spent each for entrepreneurship and innovation components respectively, and the remaining one third of the time will be spent for group activities which provide students hands on experience on entrepreneurship and innovation.


 A book donation drive which was held in Klang Valley to be channelled to schools in need across the nation