Projek Whiteboard

Projek whiteboard is a project that provide a platform for donation drives for multifarious educational purposes that we have discretely selected to support. The purpose of the project is not only to help those in need but also to raise the society awareness about the struggles and difficulties the underprivileged and unfortunate faces.
The medium of this project is Paypal.

Talent for Charity

Talent for Charity was organised with the aim to provide a platform for talented students in the UK to showcase and share their skills with the society. Aligned with our organization’s mission which is education, we wanted to promote soft skills among students that is beneficial for future career and self-development.

The talent showcase included workshop sessions on photography and photo editing skills, fitness and healthy lifestyle, self-defense techniques as well as sharing session about overseas scholarship opportunities for tertiary education. The charity sales focused on showcasing students’ creativity in arts and baking such as henna art, sketches, accessories, food, knitting and many more. There were also opportunities for students to learn hand-lettering, galaxy painting and Chinese calligraphy. A day before the event, an online auction took place consisting of multiple items that were personally made by volunteers around the UK. The online auction include cakes, painting commission, pencil sketches and Chinese calligraphy. The total amount raised from the event was £1,034.30.

Kalsom Running Series

Another new initiative introduced in 2016 was Kalsom Running Series. As well as raising fund, this initiative serves to raise awareness of the need to empower oneself before empowering others. A total of six official runs was joined by the committees throughout the initiative around United Kingdom such as London, Manchester, Bath, Southampton and Edinburgh.

Using Paypal and Justgiving page as the medium of donation, this initiative has been joined by 16 runners covering a total of 237 km. In the end, this two months’ initiative managed to raise a total of RM1247.75.

Kalsom High Tea Fundraiser

Kalsom High-tea Fundraiser was organised around late April with the hope to gather funds as well as commemorating the collaborative effort between the Kalsom Movement and Bristol Commonwealth Society for the Kalsom Commonwealth Cultural Programme. This event was held in Malaysian Hall London with the courtesy of Education Malaysia as well as helping hand from PERWAKILAN London, with Yang Berbahagia Datin Rosilawati Abdul Raffar as guest of honour on the day itself.

On the day before the event, The Kalsom Movement also organised bake sale as part of the event, with online cake auction being the main attraction throughout the bake sale. Two cakes were put on auction, Indulgence Chocolate Mud cake by Izzat Fahimuddin and Fruit gateau by Fakhrul Haziq which managed to attract attentions from students throughout United Kingdom including Warwick and Edinburgh. Through the cake auction, The Kalsom Movement managed to raise £432.22, with winners coming from London. The total amount raised from this event including ticket sales and personal contribution was RM 3873.65.

The Mamak Troopers

In conjunction with the Festival Culinaire Indonesien 2016, MASAFrance has invited The Kalsom Movement to open a booth during the event. As well as maintaining good relationship between both organisations, this event helps The Kalsom Movement to reach a wider crowd outside Malaysia and United Kingdom. Under the banner of “The Mamak Troopers”, plenty of Malaysian delicacies was prepared to attract people’s attention. At the end of the day, The Kalsom Movement managed to raise a total of €187.66 or RM 885.38.