Petals of Hope

Petals of Hope

I dedicate this poem to the PK21 scholars I am currently in close contact with for Kalsom Academy. Thank you for being my daily boosters and giving this aspirational teacher the noble opportunity to help you reach unthinkable heights.


Petals of Hope

Dear young blooming soul

You ought to be shaped by the best of mould

To grow tall and proud towards the sunlight

To defy gravity in reaching great heights

To realise your beauty, potential and might.


Your striking petals will expand, stretch out

And your roots will venture down the many routes.

Hear now! be convinced and told

That you are our hope, our precious gold

Cultivating you, my own ultimate goal.


Here is an opportunity with an evident power

To transform your life and the life of another.

So dear fresh flourishing spirit

Always seek to rise, never think of quit

Because your triumphs, when they arrive, the world will be lit.

by Amalina Taib

2nd year English Literature undergraduate with immense passion and concern for education.

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