Of Perspective and Action

Of perspective and action.


I want to be an engineer.

I want to be a doctor.

I want to be a businessman.

I want to be an astronaut.

Those are the words you would usually hear from many 16 year-old teenagers when asked about their dream ambitions. Like them, I have my dream too.


One person can interpret success as having enough money in the bank to support one’s household. Another can view it as the number of high-end branded handbags that she owns or maybe for a guy, it may be the type of luxury cars they own. The others might see it as having their dream job, which they worked so hard to achieve. Isn’t it interesting that one particular subject could be interpreted in many ways? Also, being the most common one, how many times have you come across a person that defines success as how well you do in an exam measured by the grades you obtained in exams?

I guess it is the norm in society nowadays that people has become too self-absorbed that we tend to overlook the beauty of different minds seeing different things. Instead, we succumbed to the belief that one view is accepted if and only if the society perceives it as acceptable. It is important then, to re-think perspective as not the determinant of what is right or wrong but rather it is a substance of which our minds use to digest certain information to formulate better judgment towards certain matters.

Notice that I use the word “better” instead of “right” because it is the point really. The end point is not to find the “right” judgment but rather a “better” judgment so that every opinion matters. Back to our example of success, you might say that the right thinking should be “getting higher grades in exam means that you are more successful than others”. I however, humbly disagree because if you were to look at success from different point of views, you could say that someone who has been through failure many times in his life but still manages to pick himself up is more successful than just those who do well in exams. Likewise, a person equipped with good social skills in a crowd is more successful than a person who performs well only in academics.

 The point is, there are many ways to look at things, but there are no right ones, just better ones. Therefore, it is your perspective that matters. Why do I study? What do I have to lose? How far can I get? Once you understand your perspective better, efforts then follow automatically.


Nonetheless, it is important to note that no matter in what perspective you view success, the underlying issue is that education is essential in determining that success provided that the definition of education differs from the typical “classroom education” that most of us generalize it would be. You have to know how to pick yourself up when you fall therefore you need to seek for the knowledge on how to do so. Likewise, you have to learn how to nurture your social skills to handle a crowd. From my observation, youths in Malaysia tend to not understand the whole concept of education itself. Therefore, we condemn our education system instead of ourselves because it is easier to blame someone else rather than ourselves. We say that the education system is flawed and it does not encourage our mind to think. We say that our teachers are not up to par in comparison with western educators. Although I have to admit there are some truths to it, I am more interested to touch on our attitude instead of others. Once you understand that education does not necessary means “classroom education”, what do you do about it? Once you have formulated your perspective on our education system (especially if it is a negative one), ask yourself then, what can I do to improve it? Instead, how many of us like to complain yet do nothing about it? A lot. Therefore, I guess then your perspective would not matter if no actions were taken.

My perspective and action:

Now then, to me, education is important as it helps me understand how the world works and it could give me happiness in terms of better job -> better pay. Therefore, I think it is important for us to understand the importance of education especially nowadays that everything is dependent on our knowledge. So my dream is, to my ability,

“I want to be worthy enough as a good example to others and my first step is to learn as much as I can before I could be that example”

Always remember, perspective should be followed by actions.time-for-action-banner

The end.

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