Nurturing Self-Potential

Nurturing Self-Potentials


Human being are different from one another. It is a fact that cannot be denied. Human are different in terms of their personalities, social-economy levels and many other aspects including their abilities. In fact, we were born with our own specialties and abilities to do things. One might be a good chef, engineer, artist, art crafter and many other jobs that you can list. It is a matter of time to actually realize that we have unique abilities compared to other people. Some people knows their specialty at a young age while some realizes it across their lifespan. What matter most is that you know what you are capable of and instil passion on the thing you love.

Academic achievement through examination is only an instrument to test your understanding on general knowledge from learning processes. Sometimes you ace your exam sometimes you didn’t. The outcome of the examination will not always determine your true potential. You might not do well on examination but rather try to brush up your skill. Take your time searching for things that spark an interest in you. Human being are driven by intrinsic motivation; you simply enjoy an activity or see it as an opportunity to explore, learn, and actualize your potentials. It is the nature of human being to love something that excites them. Even recalling memory or perceiving nostalgia on activities that you used to love will help you build up your potential. Self-exploring of your potential will enhance your self-esteem and help to understand yourself more. The peak achievement of your potential is when you achieve self-actualisation; the fully realisation of your potential and finding the opportunity to help others to achieve their potential as well.

Besides self-exploring your potential, environment factor contributes to self-development as well. Your interaction within your microsystem environment which include interaction with parents, peers, siblings and teachers plays a crucial factor in your development. Sometimes people do not aware of their own potential due to lack of encouragement from other people. Therefore, significant others such parents should consistently reinforce the behaviour of their children. By providing a positive reinforcement such giving compliments when their children do the preferable activities, their behaviour are reinforced and they will repeat the action again and again. This apply to peer friends as well. Be a motivator to your friends whenever you see them doing the thing that they love. It will enhance their self-esteem realizing that they have a unique ability.

In the process of development, we have multiple intelligence that consist of different specific abilities or potentials. This is the nature of human being that differentiate one another. In achieving your true potential, take your time to find your own passion in what you do. As you grow up, your experience will mature your potential. Do help others to achieve their true potential as well. A good environment that encourage self-development will provide a positive reinforcement towards individuals’ potentials.

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