#MyKalsomStory by Qistina Qaisara

#MyKalsomStory by Qistina Qaisara

After volunteering for years with Kalsom, I can say that TKM is no ordinary movement. The positivity radiating in and out of Kalsom is undoubtedly uplifting. The people you meet there are your family; they help you grow, wipe your tears and teach you to dance in the face of failure. They give you a sense of hope and belonging to do good by sharing kindness and train you to sophisticatedly conduct impactful modules.

You will be touched by listening to the hardship and difficulties faced by the beneficiaries, you will be inspired by the burning determination you see in their eyes to never give up in pursuing their dreams and lastly you would understand why it is important to fight for inequality in education in Malaysia.

Experience it yourself. Take this opportunity and apply NOW. And BELIEVE me, you would definitely want to be Kalsom-ed again and again.

Qistina Qaisara
PKMC Faci TKM24, EIC Faci TKM25, Kalsom Academy Director TKM26

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