#MyKalsomStory by Nur Aisyaton Huda

#MyKalsomStory by Nur Aisyaton Huda

In light of our recruitment drive this year, we’re featuring a #MyKalsomStory from one of our committee members, Nur Aisyaton Huda. Read her full journey with The Kalsom Movement below:

Doubt – the perfect word to describe how I felt before I signed up to be with The Kalsom Movement. Often, I would find myself asking if I will ever fit in. Well, I guess I will never know if I never try. So here it goes!

Many asked, “Why Kalsom?”

I told them, “Why not Kalsom? You gotta start somewhere, right?”

So here’s how I started.

I first got involved with Kalsom as a facilitator for one of their annual sustainability programmes, Kalsom Harapan. It was an eye-opening experience because I got to see how students from various backgrounds came together as one to learn with us, and how we, as facilitators would assist them the best we could. My journey with Kalsom then resumed when I signed up to be one of the directors for Kalsom Harapan. It was an even more eye-opening experience because this time, I got to exist in the movement itself and I got to experience and see how things work from behind the scenes.

Oh boy, it was not easy. I had my fallout episodes and again, I doubted myself. I kept on asking if I can ever pull this thing off. Anxiousness, challenges, frustrations, and other emotions clouded over me at one point. But I knew I couldn’t give up because of how I felt at that moment and I knew I had to get back up. It was so relieving to know that the people at Kalsom, especially my co-director at the time, Fawwaz who never once gave up on me. They stood by my side, and they gave me endless words of encouragement and support. All of the success that we had at the camp was made possible with their help and support for me and one another. I could never be thankful enough to be surrounded by such positive and supportive people who believed in me, who stood by me when things got rough, and who always offered help whenever they know I needed it.

My time at The Kalsom Movement has been absolutely challenging but equally rewarding. I would not be the person I am today and achieved many great things that I had if not for all the things that I have experienced during my time with this movement. It has been a stable platform for me to always grow for the past three to four years and I believe that it will continue to be one for the other youths in Malaysia who wish to contribute back to society, in terms of education and volunteerism.

We were all once a student and I believe we all have rough patches on our paths. Everyone has their struggles but here at The Kalsom Movement, it’s just amazing how each one of us in this organization wants to strive for the betterment of other people. I have learned a lot from the committees, the facilitators, and our very own beneficiaries.

I believe that when you want to give more, you will get more. That’s how life works.

But here, at The Kalsom Movement, you come to aspire but you’re the one who ended up being inspired.

Well, at least that’s how it works for me.

And again, these are just very rewarding experiences for me and I will never trade them with anything.

Trust me, growth is so much better when you’re surrounded by these wonderful people.

Thank you, The Kalsom Movement.,

Nur Aisyaton Huda Ton Zalani
Kalsom Harapan Invigorate & Illuminate Head Facilitator, TKM 24
Kalsom Harapan Director, TKM 25
Head of Department, Creative and Communications, TKM 27

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