#MyKalsomStories by Syahmi Shaarani

#MyKalsomStories by Syahmi Shaarani

Life never fails to amaze me in every possible direction and this camp proved just that. PK23 is a 5-day programme thats packed with modules ranging from English proficiency, finance, entrepreneurship to information on career paths. Trust me, I wish the camp was more than 5 days. On top of that, the positive vibes from the facilitators and committee members were at its finest and I’m so proud of the students since they have grew so much from day 1 to day 5 and hopefully to greater heights in their lives post-Kalsom.

However, by the end of the camp, I was the one who got inspired actually rather than me inspiring them all. Thank you so much everyone for the sweet memories and for everything you’ve done to make sure this camp is a success. I hope we could maintain this special relationship forever and ever. Looking forward to meeting you guys again!

P/S: Post-Kalsom Withdrawal Symptoms are real.

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