#MyKalsomStory by Shobashni A/P Kumar

#MyKalsomStory by Shobashni A/P Kumar

Before the camp, I do not always speak in English fluently. I’m also do not dare to speak confidently in front of people because I’m afraid of being ridiculed by others when I make mistakes. In addition, it is impossible for me to speak in English in front of people without memorizing the content that I’m going to speak. Initially, when my teacher told be about the entrepreneurship and innovation camp organized by The Kalsom Movement, I thought that it would be like any other motivational camp that I’ve joined before but on the other hand I realize that this camp was different from the other that give much fun and inspiration for me.

First and foremost, I’ve learnt to speak in English confidently with my friends. On the first day of the camp, I’ve been shy and not confident to speak in English but at the end of the camp, I could speak in English properly with each other. As I said, this camp makes impossible things that I though to possible. It was during the Toastmaster module, when my group facilitators conduct the module, the committee members of the camp, Abg Shaik Firdaus and Kak Amalina are very encouraging to us to give a speech in front of people with good body language, eye contact which can attract the audiences, so that they listen to us. They uncover my talents to speak about a topic in English in front of people without memorisation. At that moment, I realized that I also can give a public speaking with my own points without memorise it. It was a great experience for me that I haven’t try in my life.

In a similar tone, I also gain more knowledge on education pathways after SPM through this camp. My all facilitators and committee members of this camp who come from various universities worldwide inspire and guide me to take beginner steps towards my ambition. So, I’m very clear with the path of education available worldwide after SPM. Furthermore, I also learnt an entrepreneurship skills and also creative thinking when we create our own innovated model and present it in front of people. It was a new experience for me. Last but not least, I learnt team work skills through all the modules that conducted by the facilitators. When I’ve been felt give up, my group facilitators Abang Qarin and Kak Aminah always encouraging me and I feel that there got people who can give me support at the camp apart from my family at home.

I’m appreciate the facilitators ad committee members willing to spend their time to inspire us despite they are from different races. My parents expect that I will put an outstanding redult in my SPM as I did in my PT3 and achieve my ambition to become a medical doctor. I will take much effort to make my parents proud of me. I’m also desire to ensure my investment in the Kalsom Movement to contribute and inspire the net generation. Thank You.

Shobashni A/P Kumar
SMK Durian Tunggal

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