#MyKalsomStory by Nuraudi Zafirah

#MyKalsomStory by Nuraudi Zafirah

I was almost not applying it. I texted Diyana Adi asking for support etc. I was very stressed and down with my clinics and upcoming final examination at that time. On the very last day of application, Yana texted me, “Audi, have you send your application?” I said, “Oh not yet Yana, i dont think i can make it, i already felt burdened with my study.”

Yana kept saying supportive words and encouraging me to apply (she was my deskmate back in 2011).

I asked her “It is still possible for me to not get the offer kan?” GUYS IM HOPING OF NOT GETTING IT CAN YOU IMAGINE? lol

But its not happening. I got the offer. The module preparation was during my study week (can you like imagine, that was the only time i need to study for one whole year topics!) and what i did was studying about the post secondary education.

For the past 5 days in the camp, i struggled to make sure everyone felt the love, the support from me. I finally understand the meaning of “Inspire to be inspired”. When i saw my kids were crying while hugging me, i knew that i need to do more, do better for them!

Love is when you do something not because of wanting them to love you back, but just because you want them to feel better, feel loved. It is never about yourself, but it is about them, and us.

Thanks to my faci teammates Meriell, Ezad Hafiz, Ella.

Thanks to my other facis, for always laughing at my jokes!

I just love you guys so much.

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