#MyKalsomStory by Nur Syazana Idris

#MyKalsomStory by Nur Syazana Idris

Confidence Through English Camp

25/7 – 28/7 [Padang Terap, Kedah]

When I first saw that Kalsom was organizing this camp, I was so happy because first, I love English, second, I love teaching kids and Alhamdulillah i got in!!

On the 1st day of the camp, i honestly felt like going home already (because the accomodation was modest & water supply was like when KMB had no water supply). But as the day progresses, those things never bothered me anymore. My needs for comfortable environment was so much smaller compared to what I was there for. So, when I saw how spirited the students were to learn English, all i wanted was to give my 100% attention to the kids and make sure they get to learn as much as they can from me

It was really, really satisfying to see how the kids were much more confident to speak in front of other people day by day. Also, the kids were much more comfortable to talk to us in English and open up about their problems. And the happiest moment was when a student told me, “nak belajaq pandai la supaya boleh jadi doctor nanti macam kakak Nana” ..hopefully the kids would keep up their 100% energy & chase their dreams to be whoever they are, despite the condition they are in.

I wished the program were longer, because the facis and committees were amazing and I wished all of us could get to know each other better. The facis & committees did an amazing job to make this program a success and we could all see the changes we made to the students, Alhamdulillah.

Alhamdulillah, I am truly grateful to be given this golden opportunity to be one of the facis & marking this program as one the highlights of my summer.

Huge thanks to @kalsommovement for this amazing opportunity. May this movement continue to inspire others as it has inspired me.

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