#MyKalsomStory by Nik Arman

#MyKalsomStory by Nik Arman


By Nik Arman

My decision on spending a part of my summertime with kalsom, definitely was one of the best decision I’ve ever made. It was once in a lifetime and unforgettable experience in my life. I was a bit late on receiving the offer of being facis compare to other facis, and at that time the only module left was fitkalsom. A module that require me to dance. Yeah dance! I’m never a type of dance person and its kinda freak me out a bit to dance on the stage watching by 100+ eyes. But i decide to take up the challenge and it turn out to be the hightlight of my life. Don’t get it wrong, i still suck at dance, but I’m glad i take the offer.

Thanks to my module partner Robin Kok, even though there’s a lot of things happened during the preparation of module, we make it just fine(i guess). Been staying up every night till 2 a.m practicing our dance and arguing about our disagreements on the move. Definitely gonna miss you bro, the coolest guy ever.
To all my kids #teamrowena, seeing all of you grown up in just short amount of time really touch my heart. Believe me, each one of you have enormous potential and capability. Believe in yourself and explore the world, you guys have what it takes to success. Ring me up whenever you need me okay! I will be there.

Thanks to Mitrrah Gobinath and Hanna Haizal, the best group mates i could have. I don’t know what would i do if you guys weren’t there. You guys definitely know how to handle kid best than i am. Being group mates with you guys is a bless.
To all the committee thanks again for accepting me. You guys are so cool, friendly, helpfull and the best things is all of you are full of positive vibes! This camp wont be this succesfull without the hardwork from you guys.

Lastly, to all my crazy and annoying facis, you guys are a bunch of talented, passionate, kind hearted and amazing people! I glad i have a chance to meet every each one of you. Its glad to know there’s still people like you guys out there. Keep on inspire people and keep in touch k! Hoping our friendship will last forever.

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