#MyKalsomStory by Nawarzir Zuri

#MyKalsomStory by Nawarzir Zuri

The Kalsom Movement 23- A Dream Come True
As much as I love being a facilitator, you know, having a group of students to facilitate and seeing them grow from day 1 till 5, to inspire them and keeping track of their progress at school after the camp. But something made me think post-Projek Kalsom 22. Is that all I can do? How can I make more impact?

I feel the need to make an impact to more than just 10 students of the group that I facilitate. I’m up for something even more. So, I applied as a committee member (Camp Director) for Projek Kalsom 23 Motivational Camp. This was something which was hard for me to decide but I am happy to make this decision for once in my lifetime. No regrets.

Apart from making the impact, I found out that there are so many things that I can learn in Kalsom. The movement practice best in professionalism in their work ethics. The vision and mission and sustainability plans are crystal clear. Plus, the ability of the movement to secure various corporate sponsorships, makes me think that things must get done seriously and indeed we have ‘The Kalsom Standard’ which we must fulfil in every task we did. This is actually a good training for me for the future, as someone who wants to venture into the corporate world, indeed this is a good start.
Every of us in the team has been working hard since October to make this Kalsom Movement 23rd edition summer programmes successful. After the camp ended, we are satisfied with the impact that PK23, EIC and CEC left to the students. Apart from being more confident in speaking English, they brought the Kalsom Spirits in them, with the hope of resonating it to the other students back in school.
What makes Kalsom 23 different?

1. Theme incorporation- Previously, the theme was just for the group name. But this time, it plays an important role in setting the camp’s ambience. Our theme is Kalsom Hogwarts. We also provide props like wands, sorting hat, portions and even robes (which we bought them via lazada haha). At first, we were worried that the theme might be too difficult for the students, as not many watched or read Harry Potter, but it works out to be alright. The moment that I wouldn’t forget was during the ice-breaking module, where students were given characteristics of HP characters and they need to use the given characteristics and go around asking the facilitators who were dressed up in their group’s characters till they found their match. Other modules also made an HP gimmick, entrepreneurship games and everything with regards to Harry Potter. Kudos to all facilitators for your dedication and effort to support this theme, highly appreciated.

2. Spread the Love Module. A pioneer module to build rapport among facilitators and committee member and spreading the sense of belongings amongst us. We also have Secret Hagrid and Harry Potter, where Hagrid always do good to Harry Potter and they connect each other by sending letters. My favourite part for this module was during the reflection session, where we stick a4 paper on our back and go around to write good things about that person. The best thing that was written for me was “you’re easily approachable despite busy being a committee member” It’s just little things but it means a lot to me! So much love in PK23. Spread the Love!

To all facilitators of Projek Kalsom 23 Motivational Camp, big congratulations to all of you for making PK23 a huge success! All of you deserve a pat on the back. Seeing your beaming enthusiasm and spirit truly warms my heart. During metamorphosis, the last module, when the facilitators and students roles were switched, it really touches my heart to see how far the kids have really changed after the 5 days of camp. I and the other committee were literally crying at the sides, touched and inspired at the same time. Thank you again for hard work and dedication to materialise the Kalsom Hogwarts theme. It was a dream come true to see Hogwarts in reality.

To all beneficiaries of PK23, never give up to achieve your dreams! Make your abang2 and kakak2 facilitator as your source of inspiration. Never afraid to ask questions and seek help, because your teachers, friends and facilitators, are more than happy to help you. Your school is just like hogwarts, where help will be given to those who seek for it.

To the committee of The Kalsom Movement 23. We worked professionally as a team but at the same time, we are one big happy family. It is a great pleasure to be a part of it. I am amazed by each and every one’s talent and credibility. No matter what problem we faced, we managed to tackled it head on and fabolously. You guys are a bunch of beautiful souls, which I’m glad that our path crossed. You have taught me so much about sincerity too. Wouldn’t trade you for anyone else.

So I hereby signing off as The Kalsom Movement 23 Committee.
“Inspiring Talents, Endeavouring Excellence”

Lets keep spreading the love,
Nawarzir Ahmad Zuri


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