#MyKalsomStory by Diyana Taib

#MyKalsomStory by Diyana Taib

Why The Kalsom Movement is a big part of my life now?

I never thought volunteering would be something that I’m passionate about. Mostly because going around and meeting new people is NOT my thing. In fact, this “fear of people”, as I like to call it, has affected me most of my life. I didn’t dare do anything out of my comfort zone. I think a lot of people can relate.

Slowly yet surely, Kalsom is helping me overcome this seemingly ridiculous yet very real fear and anxiety. After volunteering as facilitator in PK22, I felt enlightened. I felt a huge sense of hope for myself and for others. I felt that with so many good people fighting for a greater purpose, we can achieve great things.

I wanted to keep being surrounded by such good people, and so I applied to become part of the committee. I didn’t have much experience at all to begin with, so I applied for the position that I knew I could contribute best in; Creative Designer. Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects was all I had to offer, therefore you could say that I offered pretty much everything I had. But I later realized that the Kalsom Movement’s purpose is to help individuals grow. And throughout the journey on the team, I felt myself grow into a much better version of myself. Each person on the team played their role, and gave their best to the movement. Those with more experience is there to guide those with less, and nobody is left behind. There is a grand sense of professionalism in the movement and yet it always feels like we’re a family. And don’t even get me started on how clingy these people can get. And the fun and dancing, OH THE FUN AND DANCING!

I do miss the priceless relationship formed between facilitator and beneficiaries. It was the best feeling PK22 left me with. But now that I was one step out of my comfort zone, I had this thirst to keep exploring the world beyond my own bubble. I wanted to challenge myself. I wanted to learn even more and to touch more lives. I was driven by a force of pure goodness and fuelled by the inspiring energy of the selfless people I met along the way. I am far from being the best version of myself but I want to try and get there.

This is why Kalsom is a big part of my life now and I am grateful for all that it has given me. If you have even the slightest intention to work with the Kalsom Movement, do it! I promise you, it’s worth it.

And here’s a small piece of advice that I have to offer: Give. In any shape or form, give. And you will find that you will receive much more than you ever expected in return. InsyaAllah.

Signing off,
Creative Designer 2016/2017

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