#MyKalsomStory by Azznur Azzraf

#MyKalsomStory by Azznur Azzraf

PK23. My second time volunteering under Projek Kalsom aka The Kalsom Movement.

Why Projek Kalsom?

Part 1.

One of the best organisations that provides students a platform for them to speak in English and not only that, they help the students to figure out what to do after their SPM. I was so lucky to be exposed to numerous choice of path after SPM from my school but not all students get that privilege and these kids are among them. To be honest, I learned to speak better English from this camp as well. Great facilitators around me helped me to improve my English especially the CCP facis who speak English as their first language.

Projek Kalsom also gave me hope in Malaysia’s education equality. Now I believe that one day, each and every student in Malaysia will get the best out of our education system. I hope to see that day come before I leave this world for good.

The bond amongst us is real. I got attached to the people I met from this camp. Be it the committees, facilitators as well as the kids. In fact, I am still in contact with my kids and friends from last year’s Projek Kalsom. This year around, I got to know friends that are studying even outside of Malaysia, UK, US and Canada. Opie is currently studying in SPAIN. She is the first person that I know studying in a different country other than the cliche ones.

Thank you people for accepting me for who I am. Projek Kalsom gave me the chance to live as who I really am. Not having to act as someone else. Faking as someone else is hard. Except if we’re in front of the kids la of course.

Despite some issues we had along the way, Projek Kalsom always ends its edition with a bang. However, there is always room for improvements. Let’s improve to be the best platform in tackling education inequality for our kids sake!

Part 2.

Lim. The Most Improved Student for us the facilitators. This one time, he played me for not speaking and acting out his role during a play role and I forced him to speak in front for reflection during my Mock Interview session. From that, he became more confident in himself and ended up being the main actor as a King for his group during A Night To Remember. He asked me to take pictures with him and he said, “Thank you abang for changing my life”. That made my camp to be honest. Sometimes we do need to be firm with the kids to get the best out of them and luckily Lim took it positively and I didn’t regret doing that. Plus, the kids from my group sincerely thanked me for helping them throughout the camp and that really made me emotional at that time. Alhamdulillah I was a better facilitator this year as compared to last year. To add, my group, Neville Longbottom and our house, Gryffindor won The Best Group and The Best House for this camp. But to be fair, everyone is a winner in their own journey in the camp be it becoming more confident to speak in English, encouraging their friends, volunteering to speak in front and etc.

That’s the beauty of a volunteering activity. You feel good in doing good to other people. You’ll feel proud and happy when you see your shy kids suddenly becoming another person on stage performing an act, seeing them supporting each other in speaking English, pitching in ideas to solve problems given, work as a team without having any discrimination towards any individual, living in the spirit of 1Malaysia and etc. They never thought of having those potentials and values in them until we help them to embrace those things from them. Thank you Projek Kalsom for giving me the opportunity to get those feelings and happiness for the second time I wouldn’t trade my week spent there for any other things.

Special shout out to my facis and committees friends for making my Kalsom journey a memorable one! To be honest, I learned a lot from you people and I was inspired by you. How you sacrificed your time, energy and money just to be here for the kids got me to thinking how do I became as good as you people in giving back to the community. With such brain, effort, kindness and love that you people possessed, I am sure Malaysia is in a good hands in the future. Hope to see you guys real soon and have fun again.

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