The Kalsom Movement aims to do more than inspire. We aspire to sustain and maximize the impacts of Projek Kalsom Motivational Camp through a set of programs called Kalsom Harapan, which shall provide continuous support and aid for our beneficiaries to grow along their individual learning curves throughout their SPM year.



The idea behind Kalsom Academy is to create an on-going learning platform for all Projek Kalsom Motivational Camp beneficiaries from each year following the completion of the camp.

This allows them to continue receiving English, leadership and motivational guidance from the movement while having their own space to share and spread what they have learnt from all Kalsom programmes to their peers in a way that it polishes their leadership skills and improves their confidence in their ability to help and inspire others.

This programme consists of two main components: English Exploration monthly visits and Metamorphosis.

  • With the guidance from Malaysian-based facilitators, English Exploration involves online communication and physical monthly visit to respective Projek Kalsom schools. It aims to:
    • Equip beneficiaries with academic and general knowledge as well as English mastery to prepare them for a self-sustaining future.

Build confident and presentable personalities who are self-driven and independently capable and passionate in seeking knowledge

Fifth paragraph: The concepts of knowledge-sharing and peer guidance define the values of Metamorphosis component. The beneficiaries will be guided on ways to share their knowledge with their peers through various means. It aims to:

  • Initiate a learning platform for students to share their knowledge and to inspire each other to achieve their full potential
  • Train leadership skills and inculcate sense of responsibility towards themselves and the community


This programme is created to provide a continuous support for our beneficiaries after joining the one-week Projek Kalsom Motivational Camp. The modules created will be more academically focused to prepare them for the upcoming Sijil Penilaian Menengah (SPM) examination.

General Objectives:

  • To provide continuous support to our beneficiaries
  • To keep the connection between The Kalsom Movement and our beneficiaries
  • To spread awareness in volunteerism by involving other body/organization in our cause through a collaboration.

Kalsom Revisit Workshop 

The programme is expected to take place in in the early January of the following year post to Projek Kalsom Motivational Camp to give the students an early start before SPM. We have been partnering with Malaysian Students’ Council of Australia (MASCA) for the past 3 years to carry out the revisit workshop. This first workshop is academically focused and will aim to deliver a recap of what they have learnt throughout Form Four in certain subjects.

Kalsom Reignite Workshop

The second round of Kalsom Revisit Workshop is expected to take place in August of the following year post to Projek Kalsom Motivational Camp. This workshop will be conducted by Kalsom Global Chapters and facilitators who have volunteered during Projek Kalsom Motivational Camp will return to revisit the respective schools to encourage the students to focus and perform well in their final preparations for SPM. The focus of this second workshop is to provide final motivational boosts to the students before the big examination.

They are arranged according to our Developmental Curve and are crafted by our highly-selected facilitators’ based on fixed objectives determined by the camp directors. Facilitators are closely guided on producing creative, interactive and impactful modules. When put together in a well-though structure, these modules harmoniously result in student-beneficiaries’ improvement in terms of knowledge, practical skills, motivation and self-esteem.