Hannah Nazri 2


Dr Hannah Nazri

Clinician Scientist, Bioentrepreneur, Women’s Rights and Education Advocate

Dr Hannah Nazri is a medical doctor and DPhil candidate at the University of Oxford, and Chair of the Board of Trustees of The Kalsom Movement. For her work in youth education and women, she was awarded the Associate Fellowship of the Royal Commonwealth Society and is one of the top 5 finalists of the 2020 Women of the Future Award UK (Commonwealth).

Syed hadi


Syed Muhammad Abdul Hadi Arief

General Practice Speciality Trainee (UK)

Having first joined Projek Kalsom 20 in 2014, Syed Hadi received the Marcus Ng award for the best facilitator. He was appointed the The Kalsom Movement Director in 2016 and joined the Board of Trustee in 2018. His words to live by “If not now? When. If not us? Who.”

iwani farzana


Nur Iwani Farzana Binti Mohd Rosszi

Management Trainee

Iwani is a former mentor and International Students & Welfare Officer of The Public Speaking Society at University of Warwick. She was President of The Kalsom Movement 26 and Local Committee President of AIESEC UK which celebrates cultural diversity, delivering volunteering and internship exchanges abroad. She is active in public speaking and debate. Fun fact: she loves unicorns & bihun soup!


Nurul Husna binti Mohd Yusoff

Bioentrepreneur, Student

Husna first joined The Kalsom Movement in 2018 as the ambassador and facilitator for Kalsom Harapan. She then became the Strategic Officer in The Kalsom Movement 25 before stepping up as Vice President of Strategic Development in The Kalsom Movement 26, where she established a good partnership with a few notable organizations, executed planning for the sustainability of the movement and got recognition and endorsement at international level. She believes fighting for education inequality is an investment, therefore her passion in making a change continues to grow.

IMAGE_2020-11-09_09_01_07-removebg-preview - Kuhan Pillai

Junior trustee

Kuhan Pillai Anbalakan

Entrepreneur, Mechanic

Kuhan hustled in law school fulfilling his basic Tamil parents’ dreams. He is known amongst his peers for being industrious – which he finds astonishing. Now, Kuhan is a part-time entrepreneur and a full-time Shopee-holic. In his free time, one can either find Kuhan pretending to stay fit while snacking on creme brule or getting his hands greasy mending bicycles.